Don’t take interviews personally.

A friend recently shared a familiar story: her husband got approached by recruiters about a few jobs, did some interviews that looked like they were going in the right direction, but all of a sudden the process stopped and he ultimately was not offered any of the positions. He ended up frustrated and felt he wasted his time and energy interviewing for jobs that he initially did not even have the intention of taking.

It’s understandable: interviews are an awkward situation for most people, creating an artificial environment where our professional skills and ways of working…

Photo by David van Dijk on Unsplash

The Minimalists got me thinking about how to live a happier life with less. Less clutter, less unnecessary space taken up by impulse purchases. Cupboards filled with items on sale that I don’t love and most definitely don’t need. It’s so much more rewarding to own less overall but more of the stuff that makes me feel good and serves the person that I am today, not the person I was when I made a purchase decision in the past.

It’s a wonderful experience to be able to gift items to people who can make use of them for free.

Ewa Zajac

Psychologist by degree, Talent Acquisition by trade. Pursuer of multiple hobbies. Loves travel, exploration, music and sports. Visit my blog at

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